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Pokémon GO Crazy Over Tarusov's Unsettlingly Hot Pin Up Illustrations

Pokémon GO Crazy Over Tarusov's Unsettlingly Hot Pin Up Illustrations

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Take Pokémon GO to the next level with these lit Poké pin ups you'd either be too disturbed or too turned on (or both) to catch!

Pin up illustrator Andrew is back at it again with his stunning digital drawings that never seem to miss out an inch beyond on point. This time around, while Pokémon GO is still currently blazing and taking over cities he cooked up a new series of pin up versions of different Pokémons. Yes, you read that right — Pokémons — not even trainers like Misty or even Nurse Joy but critters like Squirtle and Jigglypuff. Now, you get to have a mental image of a voluptuous Pikachu posing in the middle of a park. I really don't know what to feel about this because as much as I love Andrew's series, I'm not sure if I'm ready for Pokémon pin ups yet. See for yourself! 

This Psyduck lady is too bewildered to remember why she's in the bin in the first place and before she even realizes, she's facing a trainer!

No matter how hard this Bulbasaur chick tries to blend in, she'd still been spotted.

This Squirtle woman simply wanted to bask under the sun but these pesky trainers keep trying to catch her.

Looks like Slowpoke isn't so slow anymore. 

This Lickitung lady wants a bath?!?!

Charmander – Pokémon GO pin up by Andrew Tarusov. #AndrewTaruov #pinup #illustration #digitaldrawing #pinupgirl #pinupladies #pokemon #pokemongo

Battle? Let this Charmander femme fatale finish her cigarette break first.

Pikachu stealing the whole damn show as always.

Uh-oh! A sexy Snorlax is blocking the road!

Jigglypuff – Pokémon GO pin up by Andrew Tarusov. #AndrewTaruov #pinup #illustration #digitaldrawing #pinupgirl #pinupladies #pokemon #pokemongo

Why hello there, Jigglypuff. 

That moment you're chilling on a hot summer and you spot a Horsea in your own jacuzzi. 

Looks like a wild Vulpix is causing quite a traffic in LA recently. 

Oh, and don't forget to check out the rest of Andrew's works!

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Written byXavier

When she's not writing for Tattoodo, Xavier likes experimenting with art and organizing local music shows. We're kidding, she's probably asleep. Follow her on Instagram @claudia_strife

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