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Polynesian Sleeves by Jeroen Franken

Polynesian Sleeves by Jeroen Franken

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Some traditional geometric eye-candy for your viewing pleasure.

If you are a fan of the intensely elaborate tattoos that have grown out of South Pacific cultures, then you're in for a treat. Jeroen Franken is one of the best practitioners of Polynesian tattoos in the world. His work is as perfect as it is complex, and we love getting lost in the intricate patterns of his large-scale pieces. Here are some of his sleeves just to give you an idea of how good his work is. 

Franken's Polynesian body art is pure, unadulterated geometric perfection. Each piece is utterly flawless, which is completely mind-blowing when you really consider just how complicated each of these rich spreads of bodily ornamentation is. Though he makes this style look easy, the artistic rigor and incredible attention to detail that these tattoos require should not be taken for granted. His passion for this age-old tradition of tattooing shows in the top-notch quality of his work.  

Other than it's overall excellence, what makes Franken's body of work so interesting is that it contains designs from numerous indigenous cultures in the South Pacific. While we generally lump all of these complexly patterned black tattoos under the catchall term "Polynesian," nearly all of their designs can be traced back to specific tribes — Maori, Marquesan, Samoan, and more — from islands throughout that region of the world. Through remaining faithful to their traditional pattern schemes, he is helping preserve and proliferate the different tribal aesthetics handed down through the centuries by these various ethnic groups. 

One of Jeroen Franken's (IG—jeroenfranken) amazing large-scale tribal tattoos. #blackwork #geometric #JeroenFranken #Polynesian #traditional #tribal

Should you like to see more of Franken's mesmerizing Polynesian pieces, visit his Instagram. His shop, Seven Seas Tattoo, is in Eindhoven, Nederland and can be reached at if you want one of his incredible sleeves. 

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