Polynesian Tattoo Artist Manu Farrarons Offers Free Tattoo

Polynesian Tattoo Artist Manu Farrarons Offers Free Tattoo

Follow this artist on Instagram to see gorgeous tattoos and maybe you'll win one!

Manu Farrarons is one of the ambassadors of French Polynesian culture around the world, sharing his passion for Tahitian and Marquesan tattoos.

He is splitting his time between Tahiti and Los Angeles, at Zulu tattoo studio. Manu Farrarons' ethnic tattoos (See Ethnic Tattoo And Its Influences) are carrying on traditions, adapting them to modern aesthetics and adorning bodies. From the 1st August to the 7th, he's doing a tattoo giveaway on his Instagram.

Follow him and you'll perhaps have the chance to win a Tahitian style tattoo worth $1000. And of course, you could admire more of his flowing tattoos. 

Good luck for the fans of Polynesian tattoos!

You can also check him on Facebook

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