Polynesian-Style Tattoos From Russia by Dmitry Babakhin

Polynesian-Style Tattoos From Russia by Dmitry Babakhin

Polynesian-style tattoos don't have to come strictly from Polynesia. These bomb tattoos come courtesy of Dmitry Babakhin from Russia.

Polynesian tattoos are more mainstream than ever. The highest-paid actor of the year, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, is covered in them. Many athletes can be seen with these decorative pieces all over their skin.

One of the undisputed kings of the genre is Dmitry Babakhin. The Russian is so adept at the style that he received the coveted Artist of the Year Award at the Tatau Awards, a Polynesian tattoo award.

Looking at these pieces, it's easy to see why.

Babakhin got his first tattoo at 14 and has since become obsessed with the Polynesian culture. Since his first ink was in the Polynesian-style, he has dedicated his life's work to studying the tradition surrounding the style and the mythos.

Interestingly enough, while he is considered a master of the craft, Babakhin has never actually been to any of the Polynesian Islands. 

Check out Dmitry's Instagram for some awesome island stylings.

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