Popping Off The Skin: Tattoos From The Third Dimension

Popping Off The Skin: Tattoos From The Third Dimension

These tattoos look wicked weird until you put on some 3-D glasses, and then they blow your mind!

Sometimes, a well-done tattoo can really pop out at you. Masterful tattooers know how to give a good piece that sort of depth that just makes It seems like it’s about to come right off the skin. It can take years to get a firm control of the techniques used to create this effect.

Or you can just cheat and use 3-D glasses.

Now, in today’s modern world of Avatar and Nintendo 3Ds, there are all sorts of 3-D imaging processes. But we want to focus on the most classic of these, the old school anaglyph image. An anaglyph image achieves a 3-D effect by using two different colors, usually red and cyan, to create two sets of the same image. When viewed through special color coded lenses, the brain melds the two separate sets of colors into one three dimensional image.

This technology has been utilized for longer than one might imagine. The first anaglyph image appeared way back in 1852 and the first 3-D movie came out in 1893.

Though indeed gimmicky, this technique proved popular for decades, enjoying periodic revivals along the way. It makes sense that along the way a handful of tattoo artists started incorporating anaglyphic 3-D imagery into tattoos.

Despite what we said earlier, this is no cheat. Pulling of a two color tattoo in a way that produces the desired effect when viewed through 3-D glasses is no easy task. Here are some really cool anaglyph 3-D tattoos pulled off right. Some notable artists featured here include (artists and links). If you have a pair of 3-D glasses lying around, definitely dust them off for this pictorial series.

Wow, those are awesome 3-D tattoos. If you’re worried about getting a sweet 3-D tattoo and subsequently not having 3-D glasses on hand so your friends can fully take in your ink, don’t fret. You can buy 1000 pairs of the things for less than most shop minimums thanks to the magic of the internet.

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