Portraits by Carlos Rojas to Nurture your Inner-Nerd

Portraits by Carlos Rojas to Nurture your Inner-Nerd

Geek out to realistic tattoos of all your favorite characters from comics and movies.

Carlos Rojas is a member of The Black Anchor Collective, a exclusive group of some of the best color portraitists in the tattoo world, and the quality of his work shows why. He specializes in nerdy subject matter, especially that which comes from comic books and movies. His illustrations of superheroes and villains are astoundingly lifelike while capturing the spirit of each of these unforgettable characters. Have a look at his jaw-dropping and geeky portraits to see for yourself. 

Rojas' mastery over color realism jumps out — as if off a glossy page — from his illustrations of comic book and movie characters. He stylizes these super-powered figures in a variety ways depending on their personalities. For instance, his depiction of Darth Vader is appropriately on the darker side of things, while his illustrations of more colorful characters like Harley Quinn are composed almost entirely of vibrant chroma. His Colossus as perfect as it is shiny. It's awesome how he positions some of these pop-cultural icons in dramatic positions to achieve a similar effect. His tattoo of Spider-Man is the perfect example of how he can bring out his subjects' personalities. A web-slinger's got to swing, after all.

Because of his specialization in nerdy iconography, Rojas portfolio is representative of the fascinating intersection between pop culture and tattooing. He has done color portraits of pretty much every fan favorite out there. Here we see examples from the DC, Marvel, and Star Wars universes. What's even cooler is how he's done versions of some of them from both comic books and cinema. Some renditions of certain characters are just better than others, and because of this, it was nice to see that Jack Nicholson's Joker appears more frequently than Jared Leto's version of him throughout Rojas' body of work. The same goes for his portrait of Wolverine, who looks way better than Hugh Jackman with Adamantium claws, by the way.

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If you want to nerd out to more of Rojas' incredibly realistic portraits, make sure to go to his Instagram. Lastly, should you want to show off your geeky colors, too, consider having his tattoo your favorite character on you. He works at Black Anchor in Collective Hesperia, CA.

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