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Portraits of Musical Icons by Steve Wimmer

Portraits of Musical Icons by Steve Wimmer

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Look at all these tattoos of the beautiful people.

It doesn't matter if you're a hip hop head, a little bit country, or straight up rock and roll. Either way, Steve Wimmer's portraits of famous musicians are for you. Tattooing out of his own private studio in San Diego, CA, he's hands down one of the best color portraitists in the country. Check out this sample of his kick-ass tributes to some of the best musical icons of all time.

Wimmer's skills at black and grey tattooing and color work allow him to infuse his depictions of these celebrities of the music industry with the right vibe to match their musical styles. For instance, his portrait of Johnny Cash is heavily saturated, which is fitting for the man in black, while his figures like Marilyn Mason and Lady Gaga are appropriately accented with pink and purple hues. It's just like Bob Marley said, "In this bright future, you can't forget your past."

The incredibly lifelike quality of his portraits makes them perfect for honoring great musicians who are no longer with us. For instance, his superb illustration of Biggie Smalls does his legacy justice, capturing the true spirit of his respective swagger. May he ever wear black Timbs and black hoodies in the sky. 

A mind-blowing portrait of Lady Gaga in progress by Steve Wimmer (IG—stevewimmer). #celebrities #LadyGaga #musicians #portraiture #realism #SteveWimmer #WIP

Should you want to gawk at more of Wimmer's mind-blowing portaiture, make like the paparazzi and race on over to his Instagram. He can be reached at if you would like your own tattoo of a legendary musician.

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