Portraits That Rock by Luka Lajoie

Portraits That Rock by Luka Lajoie

Get ready to bang your head and scream along to your favorite song as you marvel at this tattooist's color realism.

Music can soothe even the savage beast. It's been said for so long that it's nothing more than a cliché by now, but there is still truth to it. How many times have you heard someone say that punk rock saved their life, or that they would lose their mind without being able to listen to their headphones on the subway? We hold our music dear and as silly as it may seem, the artists we love are supremely important to us. Luka Lajoie, a tattooist specializing in color realism from Montreal, understands this completely and creates some of the most stunningly beautiful portraits of rock stars that you will ever see. 

Marilyn Manson at his creepy best. (Via IG - lukalajoie) #music #portrait #lukalajoie #realism #marilynmanson

Lajoie's portraiture is second to none regardless of the subject matter, but he is particularly adept at bringing to life musicians. Tattooing a portrait of an iconic figure brings certain difficulties to it, the most notable of these being that practically everybody knows these images intimately. Lajoie's skill is in how he can render an already familiar image while adding his own touch to it; he does this by putting so much life into each face. You can practically feel Manson staring through you thanks to this attention to detail. 

And it's not just rock gods that Lajoie focuses on; there is also the occasional pop starlet like Katy Perry. This is a safe space, it's perfectly OK for you to admit that you sing along to California Girls way louder than when you rock out to Master of Puppets. We are all guilty of that every once in a while. 

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Want to make a bet? We guarantee that there is no way you are going to be able to look at Lajoie's next tattoo without humming along...

Admit it! You started humming Sweet Child O' Mine, didn't you? Yeah, you did. We know it. 

We started you off with some Marilyn Manson, it's only fitting that we end with some more. We've come full circle! 

Luka Lajoie is the owner of the remarkable Arts Corportation in Montreal. It is one of the sickest shops in the whole world if color realism is what you are looking for. See more of Lajoie's work on his Instagram, and keep on rocking.

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