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Powerful Aboriginal Inspired Tattoos by Tatu Lu

Powerful Aboriginal Inspired Tattoos by Tatu Lu

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Tatu Lu has a phenomenal understanding of Aboriginal art that she puts into ink.

Tattooing since 1993, tattoo artist Tatu Lu has spent her career becoming one of, if not the best, aboriginal inspired tattoo artists in the world. Inspired by traditional aboriginal art and culture, Lu's tattoos feature deeply symbolic imagery which can only be created because of Lu's incredible understanding of the aboriginal way of life. She's not only inspired by aboriginal culture and beliefs, but she also works closely with aboriginal communities, and this connection is reflected in her beautiful designs. 

Producing one of a kind aboriginal tattoos, often tailored to the individual client, there is no other artist doing what Lu does. So, if you're after some work by Lu you best pack your bags. Of course, for those not lucky enough to be in Australia, you can still enjoy the outstanding tattoos of Lu right here

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Images from Instagram.

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