Powerful, Clean and Masterful Neo Traditional Tattoos by Julian Frogon

Powerful, Clean and Masterful Neo Traditional Tattoos by Julian Frogon

Neo traditional tattoos done so clean and vibrant! Let these insane tattoos by Julian Frogon serve as inspiration for your next tattoo!

One thing I consider when looking at tattoos is the readability. Is the image readable enough to know what the subject is? How clear is the design? Julian Frogon's work is as clear as day. The pristine and crisp lining frames beautiful vibrant colors. 

Japanese inspired tattoo done by Julian Frogon. #julianfrogon #blessedtattoo #neotraditional #japanesestyle #sakuras #namakubi

Julian Frogon is a talented tattoo artist from Zaragosa, Spain. He works and tattoos at Blessed Tattoo. Making use of some elements from both East and West, Julian Frogon never fails to wow his clients with such clean and vibrant neo traditional tattoos. Not only is he versatile in his tattoo style, the execution of Julian Frogon's tattoos is also masterfully done. Gypsy girl heads, animals and Japanese imagery are some of his favorites.

Enjoy some of these clean neo traditional tattoos by Julian Frogon!

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