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Powerful Street Art by Wild Drawing

Powerful Street Art by Wild Drawing

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Wild Drawing turns derelict buildings and abandoned houses into works of art!

Street art isn't always a graffiti tag on a street corner, it can be so much more! 

Wild Drawing aka WD is a revolutionary street artist who is creating amazing works of art on your very doorstep. He is currently based in Athens, Greece. In 2006, WD moved from Bali and brought his own artistic ideals with him. 

Creating art that is available to all- WD's work breaks down social barriers and combines the beauty of art with ruined and derelict buildings.

Much of WD's work focuses on social, political and economic themes with the aim to create a powerful visual mirror of the society and open a discussion about that subject. Even though having degrees in Fine and Applied Arts, WD chooses to use the streets as his canvas. The life and soul of his work comes from the fact that it's accessible to all.

Pushing boundaries and breaking down social constraints, WD is an artist we can all learn from.

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All images via Instagram.

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Written byRobert Davies

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