Pär Åhlander's Hyper-Sexual Work Challenges Censorship On Every Level

Pär Åhlander's Hyper-Sexual Work Challenges Censorship On Every Level

This Swedish artist's fetish-driven work is not for the faint of heart.

Pär Åhlander is, to say the very least, a man of many talents.  At first glance, the Swedish Art Director/Graphic Designer/multi-media artist's aesthetic seems rooted solely in pure, unadulterated shock value. However, Åhlander's hyper-sexual, fetish-driven work digs much deeper than just a cheeky (pun intended) Instagram feed.

Currently working as an advertising creative in the Fashion Industry, Åhlander's passion lies in creating thought-provoking art which aims to address censorship in the world of social media. Åhlander's observation that the internet — where things like racism, violence, sexism and homophobia honestly and openly thrive — inspires him to expand upon the (let's be honest) absurdity that is censorship of the human form. You know, cause racism is cool but nipples aren't. Makes total sense. Eye roll. 

Åhlander's work forces us to see things in a way in which we normally wouldn't, or are discouraged from. A full-on dick pic in the form of a prickly cactus. A telephone in the form of a massive, floppy dildo. Dat ass in the from of a nice, juicy peach. Female penetration in the form of a beautiful, soft flower. Åhlander's work boldly and unapologetically pushes the limits of what's "allowed" on social media and to be honest, I can't get enough of it. It's funny and it's sexy and it's artfully executed and frankly- what more could you ask for?

He's a bit of an enigma, for the most part letting his art speak for itself- However, you can keep up to date with Åhlander's latest work on Instagram

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