Pregnancy and Tattoos: What You Need To Know When You're Expecting

Pregnancy and Tattoos: What You Need To Know When You're Expecting

It's already been said that tattooed moms are the coolest. But just what are they facing exactly in the early stages of motherhood?

There's nothing like tattooed moms. But just before the arrival of your sweet bundle of joy, what exactly are the things you have to keep in mind? Pregnancy, after all, is a rigorous process that can be quite literally a stretch here and there.

We are three girls in the family and whenever I look at my mom, I wonder about the scope and depth of how we changed her life. Dramatic I guess, to a point that her life ceased to be all about her, but now more about us whom she lovingly called her 'three little witches'.

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From her photos, I saw how she grew from extra small to medium and I wonder what else did pregnancy change aside from some loosen skin and extra stuff—more for us to love.

My mother does not have a tattoo – none yet. As a tattoo aficionado myself, I think she was right in delaying for some retirement fun because getting pregnant is not only life altering, it does have aftermath on your tattoo, as well.

According to the medic8, an online source for medical health information, the rule is always to think ahead. When you want to get inked on your abdomen, it is best to do it once you decide that it would be your last child or opt not to have one

There are skin changes that go with pregnancy which irreversibly impact on your tattoo. The bad news is that not even a tattoo retouch can save it.

The two major things that should alarm you about pregnancy and abdomen/breast tattoos are discoloration and distortion.

These skin changes include deep stretch marks and skin discoloration for instance of the linea nigra (some call it the ‘happy trail’) when your tummy expands with the baby's growth.

While you are in that stage of having children, get tattooed on body parts that would not be hugely affected by pregnancy such as hands, legs, arms, shoulders and back. But it's best to wait out on tattoos after your child's birth. After all, getting tattooed when your months heavy isn't advised at all.

So what if you already have tattoos on the abdomen and on your twin peaks, body parts that normally grow with pregnancy? Don't panic and starve yourself so you won't get too chunky. The website suggests that you go see your tattooist for advice on how to take care of your tattoos while pregnant.

Make sure as well to moisturize as it is a proven way of improving skin's elasticity. Use lotion, petroleum jelly, and oil.

The condition of the skin – pregnant or not – differs from woman to woman. There are those who are blessed with good skin and those who are not. Well, you can always go back to the basic of skin care and delay tattoo after childbirth. It could be a mark to celebrate motherhood! It surely is a good way, too to 'enhance' what was left by pregnancy!

For me, getting a tattoo or having a child are options that should not be taking for granted. They are decisions that define who you are. They can be cool on their own but you can have both as well.

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