Pretty and Painterly Animals by Sasha Unisex

Pretty and Painterly Animals by Sasha Unisex

Hold onto your butts, because these tender little tattoos are obscenely cute.

Goodness, we could use some cute stuff right now, huh? Oh, all the time? Well then, you're in luck. Here are some gorgeously done, brightly colored, and adorable as fuck animal tattoos by Sasha Unisex.

Her work is just so clear and cute. It translates well into temporary tattoos as well, and overall just makes you wanna go, "d'awwwwwe."

These painterly tattoos are clean, clear, and super fun. Unisex's work looks like she grabbed a paintbrush and dashed a tight but loose, quick but detailed little gouache painting onto her clients.

There's something so totally graphic about these watercolor-inspired little guys. Unisex manages to capture a classically painted look while also seeming to reference some simple digital stylings. 

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The planes of each animal's cute little face or adorable fuzzy body are all patterned differently with different strokes of color. This creates a fun and quite frankly delightful look. We wanna cover ourselves in 'em.

Swing on over to Unisex's Instagram for more tenderness!

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