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Pretty Ladies by Pretty Chris Green

Pretty Ladies by Pretty Chris Green

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

Redwood Tattoo Studio's Chris Green has some ladies he'd like to show you.

If there is one thing tattoo artist Chris Green probably knows a lot about, it's being super fine. Not trying to say that in a sleazy way, but many times when I'm researching tattoo artists for these posts, I like to include a picture of the artist, and when I saw Chris Green, holy moly.

Chris Green is dreamy. (via IG - imchrisgreen) #neotraditional #chrisgreen #lady #ladyhead #colorful

Holy guacamole, I've got the vapors!

Green has been working out of Redwood Tattoo Studio in Manchester, UK. His colorful lady pieces have been a major reason why his tattoos have been blowing up on social media, giving him over 28k followers on Instagram. Plus, he's a looker. Okay, I'm done fawning all over him. I'm sorry everyone. (Sorry not sorry.)

Follow Chris Green on Instagram and see some more of his neo-traditional masterpieces.

Written byJoe

I'm Joe. I'm a comedian and writer from Baltimore. Follow me on Twitter @joewelkie

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