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Pretty, Pretty Good Curb Your Enthusiasm Tattoos

Pretty, Pretty Good Curb Your Enthusiasm Tattoos

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The announcement of the show’s ninth season leaves us, dare we say, enthused

This week, HBO announced an October 1st premiere date for Curb Your Enthusiasm season nine and we collectively lost our shit. It seems like every time a season of Curbends, we are all left with bated breath wondering if show creator and star Larry David will bring back the always hilarious show for another round. Thankfully, we know there’s at least one more season in sight. And while we sit patiently like good little boys and girls waiting for Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy, let’s take a look at some Curb Your Enthusiasm tattoos.

It’s been six years since season eight of Curb Your Enthusiasm ended. Holy shit, six years? Where did that time go? How have we lived so long without David’s cringe-worthy awkwardness? While he did have a brilliant stint on the last season of Saturday Night Live as Bernie Sanders, David has been scarce the last several years. And we can’t wait for his return in the new season of Curb.

These Larry David tattoos almost fully capture the awkward hilarity of the man himself. While we’re all super stoked on season nine of Curb Your Enthusiasm, we’re also mentally preparing ourselves for its inevitable end and the waiting and wondering about the future of the show that’s sure to follow.

Servo Jefferson
Written byServo Jefferson

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