Pretty Traditional Babes by Phil DeAngulo

Pretty Traditional Babes by Phil DeAngulo

10 Perfectly Rouged Cuties by Allied Tattoo's Phil DeAngulo

The most wonderful thing about traditional lady heads is that they always tell a bit of a story. Drawing the onlooker in with bold lines, incredibly vibrant color, and detailed with flowers, ships, crowns, and that infamous flicker of smile, their eyes suggest that they always seem to know something before you do.

Artist Phil DeAngulo of Allied Tattoo in Brooklyn (you know, home to the Still Not Asking For It event) is creating doe-eyed beauties that are full of charm. With features characteristic of traditional style lady heads, DeAngulo’s bold ladies are works of art. Perfectly coiffed black curls, pouty lips, and decorative attributes that tell a story all their own, his signature move is the women’s cheeks. Brightly rouged cheeks that emanate a cheerful disposition, his lady heads are incredibly alluring. From Lady Liberty to Amelia Earhart, DeAngulo’s traditional women are as cute as can be.

You can see more of DeAngulo’s work on his Instagram.

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