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Prince Jackson Gets an Enormous Dragon Tattoo

Prince Jackson Gets an Enormous Dragon Tattoo

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Michael Jackson's son hit the tattoo shop with his sister Paris, and walked out with a prime candidate for laser removal.

Paris and Prince Jackson, the children of the King of Pop Michael Jackson, hit the tattoo shop the other day and bonded by getting tattoos together. We've written about Paris' penchant for body art on here countless times before, but this is the first time that we've been able to check out one of Prince's pieces of body art. And, well, it's a doozy.

Prince's dragon tattoo. (Via IG - princejackson) #dragon #princejackson #celebrities #parisjackson

After eight hours of work (according to Prince's Instagram comment) this is what the dragon looks like. One would think that with a seemingly limitless bank account that Prince would have gone to an artist that was a bit more capable than this one for such an enormous piece. We don't mean to trash the guy, but, this tattoo is a bit of a disaster.

First question: what is this dragon made out of? Is it supposed to be a Transformer? Those certainly don't appear to be scales. But if it's metal, why is it so dull? You have to go one way or the other.

Secondly, what's going on at the bottom there. We're guessing that it's supposed to be the dragon's jaw contrasted with the rest of it's body, but there's no definition. It's all one flat blah. Which leads us to the last issue...

Why is it so boring? It's a frickin' dragon! Dragons are amazing mythological creatures that can do literally anything. Why in the world would you want a tattoo of a dragon just staring stone faced and boring? At the very least you need to have that dragon in flight, with fire pouring out of its nostrils.

Paris Jackson getting a tattoo alongside her brother. (Via IG - parisjackson) #dragon #parisjackson #celebrities

There has yet to be a good image released of the work that Paris had done the other night, but from what we can tell it appears to be some script and a design in red ink. One thing is for sure though, her tattoo looks a whole heck of a lot better than her brother's.

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