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Pristine Black and Grey Sleeves by Lil B

Pristine Black and Grey Sleeves by Lil B

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This artist will awe you with his infallible large scale realism with a religious bent.

Robin Hernandez, aka Lil B, makes spectacular realistic black and grey tattoos. Most of his work is steeped in religion as well, especially that of Christianity. His take on this style of tattooing is quite original in that it incorporates some of the louder elements of street art into this otherwise softly spoken style. In short, the only thing more powerful than his sacred subject matter is his auteur approach to creating these compelling pieces of statuesque body art.

What makes Lil B's take on black and grey realism so striking is the way that he boldly outlines his central figures. Virtually no other artists that work in this style profess this particular technique, so it makes his body art standout with a signature aesthetic. Prior to becoming a tattooist, most of his artistic experience was related to creating street art and graffiti, in which he grew accustomed to using bold linework to make the letters in his tags pop. After learning how to tattoo, he started to experiment with the art form, bringing in elements from his work with spray paint into his realistic body art. In this way, his work represents the intersection of realism and graffiti in an interesting fashion, though you might not realize it at first glance.

Though he can render just about any figure in his pronounced realistic style — skulls, flora, and even inner-workings of clocks — Lil B specializes in creating religious imagery, specifically Christian ideology. He has a penchant for illustrating some of the more mystical symbols belonging to the faith, like the Eye of Providence and the Flower of Life, in addition to the more common Virgin Mary, Jesus, Satan and angels most people expect to see. Although Christianity is not the only theological subject matter with which he works, he ventures into the imagery surrounding Buddhism and Eastern religions, too.

An immaculate illustration of christ and other Christian imagery by Lil B (IG—lilbtattoo). #Adam #angel #blackandgrey #Christ #LilB #realism #religious #RobinHernandez

If you want to revel in the glory of more of Lil B's superb black and grey body art, make your way to his Instagram. Also, he has a great website where you can keep up with the latest installments of what he calls "The Show" — a series of short videos that document his lastest creative endeavors.  Last, make sure to check out the clip of him tattooing Ganesha on a clients back above. It's awesome.

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