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Pro Penmanship: Badass Lettering Tattoos

Pro Penmanship: Badass Lettering Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

Lettering tattoos are an art all their own. If you get some script, make sure your artist is as talented as the ones in this collection.

These lettering tattoos span simple script to hardcore text sleeves that boggle the brain with their intricate detail. This masterful style is usually one that tattoo artists devote themselves completely to due to the difficulty of creating lettering tattoos well. There are many different types of lettering tattoos, but they all incorporate typography and calligraphy. All artists have a particular vein of aesthetic that they prefer, and with lettering it's no different. Some tattoo artists like to do dark art or black work lettering tattoos that look as if Satan himself had scrawled the words onto the skin. Other tattoos artists do swirling, lavish script that curls around the body in graceful turns

Perhaps at once when you see lettering tattoos you will notice that they look extremely similar to old school barber shop signs, filigree curls and lines that advertise the goods within. This is no mistake! Typography, calligraphy, and sign making, are all inextricably linked. Lettering tattoos hark to these art forms, and use many tenets of design to create gorgeous pieces that explicate whatever words the client has chosen. It's really beautiful that a tattoo artist can take any quote and turn it into an ever inspiring lettering tattoo that will last a lifetime.

We've tried to bring together lettering tattoos for all kinds. We've all come across words, quotes, a small bit of text, that really resonates with how we feel inside. Sometimes movies, books, or music just says it better than we ever can...and isn't this what tattooing is about? The expression of the self in collaborative form is the basic foundation of any tattoo. These lettering tattoos are no different. We hope you enjoy this collection of pieces, and as we always say: if you're looking to get your next tattoo, or already have the most insane amazing tattoo, hit us up and let us know! Our community starts with you.

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