Psychedelic Critters by David Cote

Psychedelic Critters by David Cote

One of these trippy tattoos just might be your spirit animal.

Depictions of animals are incredibly popular regardless of what tattoo style you are working in, whether that be traditional, realistic, or kawaii. And that's all well and good, but we also like our body art weird. So it was our great pleasure to come across David Cote's surreal illustrations of critters. His creature portraits are as adorable as they are disorienting. Check out this sample of his work that will blow your mind and give you goo-goo eyes at the same time.

The magic of Cote's tattoos is all in how he conceptualizes forms in his visual art. With him behind the tattoo machine, cats or koala bears cease to simply be what defines them in reality, becoming abstracted to the extent that the silhouetted vestige of their shape is all that remains, while their features transform into mesmerizing landscapes or just pure kaleidoscopic splendor. Looking at his psychedelic critter tattoos is almost like dropping a few of doses of LSD and then going to the zoo. 

Aside from their overall bizarreness, another fascinating aspect of Cote's work is how tongue-and-cheek it can be. His illustrations of cats are the best example of this. It's hilarious how he depicts these domesticated felines and big wildcats with such surreal silliness. We love his tiger in a cosmic top-hat for instance, and his faded kitties made us feel straight faded as well. Who needs psychotropic drugs when there's body art like this around. Here's to tripping out on more starry greyhounds in space-helmets in the future. 

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If you want to ogle more of Cote's crazy tattoos, take a trip on over to his Instagram or check out this other recent post about some of his work. If you want some of his trippy body art, he is currently tattooing in Montreal and can be reached at for booking.

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