Put A Ring On It: Hand Poked Ring Tattoos by Indy Voet

Put A Ring On It: Hand Poked Ring Tattoos by Indy Voet

Fall back in love with hand poked tattoos with striking, minimalistic ring tattoos by visualist tattoo artist, Indy Voet.

Hand poke tattoo artist and piercer, Indy Voet, is all about placement and ornate designs when it comes to tattoos. You don't really come to him for overused micro tattoos because his flashes are going to be a lot better than your generic ideas anyway... 

Indy designs tattoos based on tasteful body placement rather than specific custom designs. His flashes range from facial micro tattoos to ornate special pieces for concealed areas like the nipples and on the genitals.

The hand poke tattooer designs all his tattoos in quite the same manner — with refined minimalism and the raw, crisp hand poke feel.

See more of Indy's hand poked tattoos here.

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