Put on Your Pip-Boy: We're Leaving the Vault for Fallout Tattoos

Put on Your Pip-Boy: We're Leaving the Vault for Fallout Tattoos

Here's some art straight out of the wasteland.

We're back with another installment of gamer tattoos for all you console mongers and members of the PC super-race out there, and this time it's Fallout body art. Anyone who has played them, whether the old school turn-based or the newer first-person shooters from Bethesda, knows that the Fallout series is a one of the best apocalyptic video game franchises ever to grace this scorched earth. So it's no surprise that tons of fans have had images from it inscribed onto their skin. Here are some of the best ones we could scrounge up from the wasteland. 

"War. War never changes."

As one can see, some of the most popular imagery from Fallout is that of the armor that your character can sport to boost your stats. Of course, everybody loves power armor, which for those who aren't familiar with the game, is basically a nuclear-powered futuristic suit of armor like a knight's. Wearing a portrait of a vault-dweller in one of these tanky bad boys would make you feel like Zeke from the Atom Cats:

"Metal legs. Metal arms. Metal heart. Tool of war. Tool of peace. Tool of art?"

Also, given the killer design from New Vegas, the NRC Ranger combat armor is also quite popular, as exemplified by the picture perfect depicitions of it by Niki Norberg and Jordan Croke, who by the way are two of the best color portraitists in the entire world. 

"The house always wins."
"Beats doing housework!"

No Fallout post would be complete with out tattoo of some of the deadly critters and robots that wander the irradiated wasteland. Here are some awesome pieces of a Mister Handy, mole rat, and the most fearsome creature of all in the fictional world of the game — the deathclaw. We even found a portrait of Mr. House for you conquerors of the Mohave. It's awesome how that mole rat has a baseball cap and bat, a.k.a. swatter, equipped, by the way.

"Time to take the GOAT."

Of course, the mascot of the Fallout games, Pip-Boy, has had more tattoo homages done of him than any other iconography from the series. There is something so ironically charming about this dystopian go-getter that it's no wonder ton of fans have him inked on their skin. Now, if only someone has a portrait of that little sycophant, Yes Man, to please the rest of us.

We hope you had fun traversing the wasteland with these awesome Fallout tattoos. If you, too, like super-sledging mole rats, radscorpions, and deathclaws out in the Glowing Sea, consider using your Pip-Boy and setting a marker for one of these astounding tattoo artists' hideouts for your very own tattoo of a suit of power armor to show off your love of the game.

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