Putting Your Best Foot Forward With A Pair Of Vans Sneakers

Putting Your Best Foot Forward With A Pair Of Vans Sneakers

We pay tribute to the footwear giant the only way we know how — with pictures of Vans tattoos!

I do a lot of walking. It might just be my favorite thing to do. There’s a deep sort of joy that comes from the forward motion, the old one foot in front of the other. I’m a simple man that enjoys the simple pleasures of the world. As such, I only need one pair of shoes. And for the past 20-something years, it’s always been a pair of Vans.

I’ve walked countless thousands of miles in dozens of different pairs. From hiking up rocky Japanese mountain paths to wandering the streets of Germany blackout drunk at 3 AM, I know I’m always putting my best foot forward because I’m wearing my trusted Vans.

Whether you’re popping ollies or walking your dog, Vans are the coolest shoe you could be sporting. They also provide a maximum level of comfort while keeping you looking stylish as fuck below the ankles. And the company does such a wonderful job of providing a wide variety of awesome styles to choose from.

It is for these reasons that Vans has attracted a loyal following. I feel naked without my Vans, but some shoe lovers have done away with that worry by permanently getting their favorite pair tattooed on them. In order to honor the great corporate entity and thank them for years of quality walking, we’ve rounded up some awesome photos of those who always rock their Vans with a tattoo.

These Vans tattoos are totally off the wall, and I hope you enjoyed them. But the real reason I’m writing this article is that I go through a lot of pairs of sneakers. And I always loyally buy another. But I’m tired of always shelling out for them. It is my sincere hopes that someone at Vans will see this love letter to their quality shoes and decide to hook me up with some free sneakers. I wear a size 13. Thanks so much.

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