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Rachel Baldwin's Fun And Girly Traditional Style Tattoos

Rachel Baldwin's Fun And Girly Traditional Style Tattoos

You'll be ooh-ing and ahh-ing in no time over Liverpool tattoo artist and tattooed mum Rachel Baldwin's über cute trad style tattoos!

Rachel Baldwin started tattooing the good ol' way by pestering local tattoo shops to take her in as an apprentice. Formally starting her tattoo artist career in 2007, Rachel worked her way up to be the woman she is today in an industry previously dominated by men. Long before ‘girly style’ tattoos, she's among the first ones in the UK to have taken a crack at it and helped paved the way to this style into becoming what it is today.

Instax tattoo by Rachel Baldwin. #Rachel Baldwin #girly #cute #instax

Rachel's original style was influenced by traditional and from there, she had her own way of blending it with girly designs she so enjoyed coming up with. ‘There weren’t many tattooists who mixed girly and traditional when I started out,’ she told Inked Mag.

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‘New school was starting to fade out. I was trying to make my tattoos look more solid, with fun colors and less ‘graffiti’ style, I guess I picked up where that left off.’ Read the rest of it here.

Soot sprite tattoo by Rachel Baldwin. #Rachel Baldwin #pastel #cute #spiritedaway #studioghibli

Did you know? Aside from her Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art - Painting, Rachel also has some mad bartender skills from bar training. ‘I can make a pretty slammin’ mojito!’ she told Inked Mag.

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