Rad Japanese Lighter Tattoos by Kelu

Rad Japanese Lighter Tattoos by Kelu

Japanese lighter tattoos by Kelu are awesome and you might find some inspiration with these inventive designs!

If you love Japanese art and lighters then you've hit the jackpot with lighter tattoos by Kelu.

You can't beat a tattoo artist who takes an image and makes it their own and that's just what you get with Kelu. Taking a simple lighter design, Kelu turns it into an awesome Japanese tattoo. By putting classic Japanese imagery onto the lighter Kelu creates a wonderfully fun tattoo, and while it's still a simple design in nature, the results are awesome and totally unique! 

A true tattooing talent, Kelu can be found over on Instagram, so be sure to give them a follow and maybe even hit them up for your own awesome lighter tattoo. 

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