Rad Neo Traditional Tattoos by Alberto Megina

Rad Neo Traditional Tattoos by Alberto Megina

Dapper gents and daring animals make up the awesome designs of Alberto Megina.

The perfect artist for all neo traditional lovers, the work of Megina is on point! 

Madrid based tattooer Alberto Megina has a neo traditional style that's packed with awesome imagery and bright colors. Tattooing all manner of creative designs, the best of Megina's work is arguably his animal designs- he somehow manages to capture the spirit of each animal every time. But he certainly also knows how to lay down a dapper gent or elegant lady tattoo when needed.

Reminding us once again that the Spanish tattoo scene has some of the best neo traditional tattooers, Megina's work is the perfect source of tattoo inspiration. It's also a pretty good reason for a spontaneous trip to Madrid.

All photos from Megina's Instagram

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