Rad Realism Tattoos by Tater Tatts

Rad Realism Tattoos by Tater Tatts

Kegan Hawkins aka Tater Tatts realism tattoos will leave you speechless.

Tater Tatts is a resident artist at Old Faithful Tattoo Studio in Newcastle, Australia.

Old Faithful is a fitting name because if you choose Tater Tatts as your artist, you know you'll leave with an incredible realism tattoo. His work includes various horror characters and classic movie villains, musicians we admire, and animals we love. While most are realistic, some have some surrealism elements. 

Many artists choose either color or black and grey realism to specialize in, but Tater Tats masters both. He uses rich, dark blacks and greys for the spookier pieces and bright, vivid colors for animals, bringing out either death or life in the tattoos. 

Prepare to be impressed by the work of Tater Tatts! 

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