Rad Realistic Tattoos by Martin Kukol

Rad Realistic Tattoos by Martin Kukol

Incredible realistic tattoos done in a loose, vibrant and solid approach. These rad tattoos by Martin Kukol are definitely worth seeing!

Realistic tattoos are all over the digital tattoo world, and its hard to keep up with all of the tattooers popping up who make tattoos of this particular style. In my quest for solid tattoo artists, I have come across the awesome tattoo work of Martin Kukol.

Martin Kukol is a versatile and talented tattoo artist who hails from Munich, Germany.

The realistic tattoo style that Martin Kukol does still exhibits his own personal flavor. He makes use of vibrant and cool colors to make each of his pieces pop and give off a flawlessly executed look. The technical application on the skin is superb. Solid blacks hold up making the vibrant colors stand out. 

The technique he uses in shading his tattoos has such expert touch. Background elements complement beautiful foreground subject matter, reflecting Martin Kukol's learned skill in the craft.

Here are some of Martin Kukol's stunning realistic tattoos that just might give you some inspiration and awesome ideas for your next tattoo - enjoy!

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