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Radiant Fine Line Blackwork Tattoos by Julia Shpadyreva

Radiant Fine Line Blackwork Tattoos by Julia Shpadyreva

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Russian tattoo artist Julia Shpadyreva honors the beayty of fine line and geometric blackwork through her sophisticated designs.

If you think fine line and geometry is old news, Julia Shpadyreva will make you think again. Julia is a tattoo artist and illustrator based in Moscow who specializes in sophisticated blackwork tattoos. 

Blackwork sleeve tattoo by Julia Shpadyreva. #JuliaShpadyreva #blackwork #fineline #blackwork #lines

She works on mainly fine line tattoos with sleek geometric elements. The Russian tattoo artist received a diploma for Costume Design from Amur State University in Amur Oblast but took a turn and pursued tattooing in Moscow. It was a good move for her as it put her on the right path and she now enjoys working at Faux Pas tattoo studio.

Pharaoh tattoo by Julia Shpadyreva. #JuliaShpadyreva #blackwork #fineline #pharaoh #egypt

While Julia's works consist mostly of fine line and geometric blackwork, she's no stranger to incorporating other artistic elements in her works such as the surrealism of Salvador Dali and the contemporary ‘doodles’ of illustrator Kerby Rosanes. She has a keen eye for refined details and depth, hardening lines where boldness is needed and going lighter than a feather where fine detail is needed.

Salvador Dali elephant tattoo by Julia Shpadyreva. #JuliaShpadyreva #blackwork #fineline #salvadordali #elephant #surrealism

Some art critics admire her tattoos for her emphasis on details, thin lines, and geometry. Her works are often likened to graphic pencil drawings; expressive and polished. To some, Julia's tattoos come off as sophisticated, modern, and radiant.

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Daisy sideboob tattoo by Julia Shpadyreva. #JuliaShpadyreva #blackwork #fineline #daisy #flower #sideboob

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