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Raise a Glass to the Statue of Liberty

Raise a Glass to the Statue of Liberty

Tattoo Ideas3 min Read

Lady Liberty is one of the most iconic, historic, and symbolic tattoos.

Let me be real with you, I love the Statue of Liberty. I’m not a hugely patriotic person, I don’t get excited by the National Anthem, and I have a million opinions about America and whether or not it’s broken — but the Statue of Liberty makes me teary-eyed. There’s that scene, for instance, in the animated film An American Tale, when the camera slowly pans over the Statue of Liberty, a shiny coppery color since it’s still being built. It’s literally a cartoon of Lady Liberty, but it made my tiny self feel choked up and filled with wonder. There’s something about her robes, her torch, her somber yet powerful expression — I love her.

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