Realism in Black & Grey by Drew Apicture

Realism in Black & Grey by Drew Apicture

Creatures so real, they'll make you sleep with one eye open...

Realistic scenes and portraits are some of the most intriguing pieces in the tattoo community today. The intense definition and detail that accompany each and every piece is wildly impressive beyond measure. Although all realism is incredibly intricate and enticing, Drew Apicture’s dark and foreboding realism is hauntingly beautiful.

Depicting ferocious lions bearing their teeth, eerie forest scenes that seem to warn, “beware,” and portraits so real it feels like they just might reach out and grab you, Apicture’s work is the stuff that goes bump in the night. Creatures so real, they’ll make you sleep with one eye open.

To see more of Apicture's haunting realism, you can visit his Instagram

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