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Realism Tattoos That Make You Question Reality

Realism Tattoos That Make You Question Reality

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In this collection of realism tattoos we show you exactly what makes this style of tattooing so incredible.

Although we believe that all styles of tattooing are inspiring, perhaps none are so awe-inspiring and mouth droppingly insane as realism tattoos. Sometimes when you're looking at them, you kind of seriously can't wrap your mind around the fact that they are actually on someones skin. Like, how the heck does someone pull that off? And while most of the artists we interview state that they're just super motivated and draw all the time, we know that partly its a whole lotta work and practice, but also just a whole lotta talent that can't be copied.

The cool thing about realism tattoos too is that, obviously, since they are based on real life, or photos of real life, they can literally capture anything. Many artists who work in this style like to focus on something in particular, like horror tattoos, flower or animal tattoos, or, some of our favorites, replications of glass bottles or nice iced drinks, slippery babes in waterfalls...just check out the glass of whiskey by Youyeon! Or the portrait of a woman submerged in water by Luka Lajoie. Clear things, in general, seem super difficult to illustrate, but somehow these incredibly hard workin talented af artists pull it off.

Perhaps another reason why pieces in this genre of tattooing are so popular is that they can also include portraits of people you love. We've all seen horribly botched images of moms or kids, so it's definitely comforting to know that for all the awful ink like that, there are tons of artists doing kick ass portraits of Abe Lincoln or Johnny Depp somewhere out there. If you haven't gotten a realism tattoo, but you're super interested in getting one, we suggest checking out this collection for a lil inspiration, or hitting up our app for even more inspiration...since, we can also help you find an artist in your area too!

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