Realistic Black & Grey by Dmitry Troshin

Realistic Black & Grey by Dmitry Troshin

Dmitry Troshin is a versatile master of realistic tattoos done in the black and grey style.

We frequently feature incredible tattoo artists that create back and grey realism in a stunning fashion, but today, Tattoodo has chosen to showcase the outstanding work of Dmitry Troshin — a Russian artist who has captured our hearts and minds. He is capable of rendering numerous motifs and subject matter in this darkly-hued aesthetic. See for yourself with some of the awesome examples below from his portfolio.

"Let there be light [black work and shading]."

Black and grey realism really lends itself to religious — especially Christian — imagery, and it can be literally divine. This is infallibly the case with Troshin's work, which humbles its competition in the most substantial of ways. Time and time again, his body of work, like Lazarus, rises to the occasion.

"I'm getting my ass out of the big glass house." - Rafkin

I have to take a moment to nerd out about this awesome collage of the tormented souls from Steve Beck's Thirteen Ghosts. The character, the Hammer, scares the shit out of me, but nonetheless, my love for Matthew Lillard's performance keeps me hooked. I wish he made a cameo in this sleeve though. I could watch his cheesy-yet-lovable role in that horrifying glass labyrinth of a setting — a veritable shifting series of corridors filled with ghastly death — for all of eternity. In the meantime, however, I'll settle for this sleeve by Troshin in honor of the underappreciated film, at least until I die, that is, and rightfully go to hell.   

"Next stop is Delancey."

This one's for all you commuters out there. As a New Yorker, I can tell you that this is the spitting image of a J-train on its way across the Williamsburg Bridge. The tracks almost rattle and the suspension cables seem to slightly twang in this incredibly detailed sleeve by Troshin. Remember: say something if you see something.

"What do you mean, Doc? All the best stuff is made in Japan." - Marty McFly

To nerd out twice in one post, this mashup of legendary imagery from Back to the Future and Ghostbusters by Troshin is straight off the big screen, almost as if it came from a black and white double feature of the two unforgettable films. That make-believe, blood-red-carpet event, by the way, is something I would pay surge pricing to be taken to, only in the Ecto-1 or a time-traveling DeLorean though, of course. 

"Crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentations of their women." - Conan

It's noteworthy how much detail Troshin packs into his smaller-scale pieces. The warrior and pinup above are examples of how much he can achieve so much illustratively in the most minute amounts of space.

"Call me Ishmael..."

This one's right off the pages of what is arguably the closest thing there is to a great American novel. Troshin's realism compliments Melville's seafaring narrative perfectly in this whale-hunt of a leg tattoo. Water, water-color everywhere, but not a drop of ink to drink, if you get what I mean.

I hope you found this montage of realistic black and grey work by Troshin as spectacular and gratifyingly nerdy as I did. If you want to keep up with his realness, you can follow Troshin on Instagram. Also, if you'd like to discover other artists who practice this same style, here's a link to one of my posts about another rock star of lifelike tattoos.

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