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Realistic Masterpieces by Sandry Riffard

Realistic Masterpieces by Sandry Riffard

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Startling tattoos by a master of realism that will make you question your own sense of reality.

There was a time in all of our lives when getting a realistic tattoo of Gandalf the Grey seemed like the coolest thing in the entire world, and if we’re being completely honest with ourselves, it still seems like the coolest thing in the world, especially if Sandry Riffard is the one rocking the tattooing. One of the kings of horror realism, Riffard has made a name for himself by creating some of the most lifelike tattoos we’ve ever seen. Skulls, eyeballs, or portraits of your favorite wizard, Riffard’s work is flawless. In fact, we’d guess that if we had a piece by him on any part of our body, we’d have to pinch ourselves just to double and triple check its reality. Is that really an eyeball on my hand? Did I take one too many shrooms? What’s going on here?

Tattooing exclusively in black and grey with incredibly subtle color thrown in every once in a good while for good measure, Riffard’s work is some of the most detailed we’ve ever seen. His attention to these detail is uncanny, as is his incredible use of shading and ability to create depth. This is probably best seen in his absolutely insane version of an eye. Using a combination of negative space, shading, and a perfect example of the right way to use white ink, Riffard creates hundreds of tiny lashes, so convincing you’d half expect them to blink at any moment.

With 42.6K followers on Instagram alone, Riffard is on the brink of becoming one of the realism greats, so we’d advise to book now while you’re still likely to get a spot. Who knows what 2017 will bring for this artist.

Alex Wikoff
Written byAlex Wikoff

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