Recent, Radical Fine Line Work by Nathan Kostechko

Recent, Radical Fine Line Work by Nathan Kostechko

Allow Kostechko's fine lines to sooth and inspire you into the New Year.

We've said it before and we'll say it again, Nathan Kostechko is a fine-lined genius. Kostechko has lived and worked all over the globe, and his worldliness shows. He's taken his exposure to all things tattoo and art related, and turned it into his own unique, detailed style. Currently working out of his own private studio in downtown Los Angeles, Kostechko continues to bring us amazing eye-candy, and we've gathered his more recent work for you to fawn over. 

Kostechko manages to pack infinite detail into every single tattoo. Tiny roses have different, detailed petals; wood grain that's less than an inch thick on the skin looks like it's original, ornate, antique wood. His attention to these considerations makes it so there really is no other tattoo like the one you've got from him, and that makes him a stand-out artist.

Intricacy and specificity is what makes things unique. While flash of the same thing or the same subject or the same genre of that thing has its own special standing in the tattoo world, works of art this specific, detailed, and precise are their own class. It can be the key difference between realism and illustrative, yes, but Kostechko's work exist somewhere in that in-between space. His tattoos are illustrative in quality but specific in nature, giving them their own classification. 

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Kostechko's Instagam has more special, specific tattoos in it. He's also a fine artist, and his website features a nice spectrum of styles. It goes to show, studying everything and applying it all can lead to some wonderful artistic success.

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