Refined Mehndi Inspired Tattoos By El Bernardes

Refined Mehndi Inspired Tattoos By El Bernardes

Using complex linework and delicate stippling, Bernardes' ornamental tattoos are second to none.

Talented tattoo artist El Bernardes is heavily influenced by sacred geometry and Mehndi art, and it is seen throughout all of her work. Splitting her time between Family Business Tattoo in London and Zurich's Defender Ink, Bernardes has made a name for herself by creating expertly placed ornamental tattoos that use the curves and lines of the body to perfection.

One of the most staggering aspects of Bernardes' work is the intricate detail in her designs. Every single line and dot has been planned, creating infinitely complex mandalas and ornamental tattoos. Each time you take a look at one of Bernardes' tattoos you will notice some new curl or embellishment that forces you to admire the piece for an extra second or two.

Take good long look at the lion tattoo above. What makes this tattoo so impressive is the way that Bernardes plays with both symmetry and asymmetry. It is the symmetrical details within the lion's face that make it such a striking portrait, yet the ornamentation around the lion is delightfully asymmetrical. This makes for a stunning juxtaposition. 

See more of El Bernardes' fascinating ornamental tattoos on her Instagram

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