Refreshing Botanical Tattoos by Pis Saro

Refreshing Botanical Tattoos by Pis Saro

Watercolor tattoos of pretty flowers and leaves for nature lovers and for the love of Mother Nature.

You can almost smell the freshness in the air and the calmness of nature with these refreshing botanical tattoos by Pis Saro

Originally from Sevastopol, Ukraine, Pis Saro now tattoos out of Crimea. If you're a nature-lover who's into minimalist tattoos of flower stems, leaves and all things botanical, you'll love these cute little watercolor style tattoos! 

Saro's watercolor aesthetic feels as if it was plucked right from a naturalist's journal and thrown onto skin. By taking the beauty of a field in bloom and making it a tattoo, Saro immortalizes these flowers and guarantees that they will never wilt. And for those of you with allergies, no one has ever sneezed because of these delicate tattoos. 

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