Religious Black & Grey Realism by Vetoe

Religious Black & Grey Realism by Vetoe

Eat your sacred heart out with these divinely realistic tattoos.

Vetoe's forte as a tattooist is dark black and grey realism. He creates illustrations that are phenomenally lifelike. Though all of his work is infallible, some of the best of it draws from the imagery of Christianity, especially that of Catholicism. These depictions of angels and other spiritual figures are beyond heavenly. Check out this miraculous sample of his work that could turn a even bad man pious.

Christian iconography is one of Vetoe's strongest suits. He creates incredible statuesque depictions of religious icons such as Christ, doves, Mother Mary,  Our Lady of Guadalupe, and more. Some of them look almost as if they were chiseled into cathedral walls. Our favorite tattoos of his combine these holy images to create astounding collages of spiritual imagery that make us want to cross our hearts and say a prayer. 

What make Vetoe's realism so intense is the darkness with which he infuses it. While many practitioners of black and grey tattoos keep it on the softer side of things, he does the exact opposite, shading his figures with darker hues to make them more solid and shadowy in appearance. This aesthetic of his is particularly interesting when used to render Christian subject matter, because it brings out the darker, gothic themes — like death, repentance and wrath — that are germane to the religion.

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This piece of Christian iconography by Vetoe looks to the afterlife (IG—vetoe). #blackandgrey #Christian #death #realism #reaper #Vetoe

If you'd like to stand in awe of more of Vetoe's incredibly realistic body art, make a pilgrimage to his Instagram. If you're interested in getting some of his immaculate work for yourself, he works at Zombie Tattoo in Norco, CA.

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