Religious Imagery: The Sacred Heart In Tattooing

Religious Imagery: The Sacred Heart In Tattooing

A brief history on the Sacred Heart, and what it represents...

One of the most iconic symbols of religious imagery is undoubtedly the Sacred Heart. Though a common and classic motif in modern art today, the Sacred Heart dates back to 17th Century France where the image was promoted to Roman Catholics as a symbol of Jesus Christ's "divine love for humanity."

Centuries later, we have come to see the Sacred Heart evolve into many different variations, thanks in part to it being such a common motif in Chicano and Mexican folk art, as well as tattooing...

The most classic depiction of the Sacred Heart is one on fire, encased in a crown of thorns as shown above. This is the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ.

The thorns around the heart are said to represent the piercing sins of humankind, the flames a figure of his burning love. The dripping blood a symbol of the blood he shed for his peoples salvation.

Megan Massacre shows her Sacred Heart collection, including a traditional one on her hand made by Tim Hendricks. (Instagram: @timhendricks, @megan_massacre) #blackandgrey #traditional #sacredheart #immaculateheart

Though the crown of thorns incarnation is arguably the most recognizable, there are in fact two other varieties of the heart, said to represent the other two members of the divine family... Mary and Joseph. 

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Image Source: Pinterest
Image Source: Pinterest

The Immaculate Heart of Mary (also sacred) is most commonly seen encased in a wreath of roses, occasionally pierced with swords, and Lilies of white for Joe cause he was able to bag a virgin... (which in the humble opinion of many is also pretty sacred.) 

There are many courses one may take to make a commitment to faith, but what better way than permanency? Check out some of the most beautiful Sacred Hearts we were able to find in our gallery below...

Micro beauty by Adam Vunoir. (Instagram: @adamvunoir) #blackandgrey #sacredheart
Little one on the finger by Big Steve. (Instagram: @bigstevenyc) #fineline #singleneedle #blackandgrey #sacredheart #fingertattoo
Stunning stomach Sacred Heart, by Ruby May. (Instagram: @rubymayqtattoo) #blackandgrey #sacredheart #immaculateheart
Tiny Sacred Heart made by Tim Hendricks. (Instagram: @timhendricks) #blackandgrey #sacredheart #timhendricks
Image Source: Pinterest
In progress beauty by Megan Massacre, can't wait to see it finished! (Instagram: @megan_massacre) #blackandgrey #sacredheart #meganmassacre

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