Remember Ryan Dunn With These Touching Tribute Tattoos

Remember Ryan Dunn With These Touching Tribute Tattoos

The Jackass star has been gone for six years, but will never be forgotten

Given a four-day weekend and no real social life to speak of, I spent my Fourth of July holiday doing what any true-blooded American would – watching the first three Jackass films. While this brought me near overdose-levels of joy, it also left me very sad because it was my first viewing of the films since the tragic death of Ryan Dunn. I’m not the only one with a Random Hero-shaped hole in my heart, and some of the more extreme Jackass fans out there have taken it upon themselves to pay tribute to the late, great Dunn with some totally awesome Ryan Dunn tattoos.

Dunn was born in Ohio in 1977. His family moved to the Westchester, PA area during his youth. Here he met his best friend, Bam Margera. Margera was an up and coming skateboarder who, along with several other friends, began work on a series of skateboarding and stunt videos known as CKY. Dunn was a member of the core cast for these videos, which caught the attention of Big Brother Magazine honcho Jeff Tremaine. Tremaine drafted the CKY crew into a new project he was working on, which would become MTV’s Jackass.

It was through Jackass that Dunn and his friends attained worldwide stardom. Dunn was a stalwart of the series, often doing the stunts that everyone else refused to do — including famously inserting a toy car into his anus and proceeding to get an x-ray — with seemingly no complaints. This attitude earned him the nickname Random Hero during his CKY days.

After three seasons, Jackass could no longer be contained by the small screen, and Dunn found further stardom in the Jackass film series. During one of the final stunts of Jackass 2, Dunn injured his shoulder, causing a life-threatening blood clot. But he was back in full force for the second sequel.

Tragically, Ryan Dunn died in a drunk driving accident in 2011. The world just hasn’t been the same since. He was 34.

Jackass was more than just idiots risking their lives for dumb stunts; watching any of the films, it’s clear that these guys were a family. The Jackass family and their fans the world over are still mourning the loss of Dunn. We’ve gathered up some tributes to the late, great stunt man vis a vis these Ryan Dunn tattoos. Check them out and mull over the idea that you’re due for a rewatch of Jackass.

These Ryan Dunn tattoos are all touching tributes to a star that burned out way before his time. If you need me, I’ll be on my couch with my CKY DVD boxset and a couple boxes of tissues.

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