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Reminiscent of Celluloid: Black and Grey Realism Tattoos

Reminiscent of Celluloid: Black and Grey Realism Tattoos

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There are few things better than the soft glow of an old classic movie, but these black and grey realism tattoos are pretty freakin close.

The art of tattoos spans many aesthetics, concepts, philosophies, and is a highly inclusive form of creation and collaboration which makes for a diverse community. These are the things we love about tattooing...and this selection of black and grey realism tattoos highlights these aspects quite well. Bringing together beautiful designs, pop culture, graceful styles, these particular black and grey realism tattoos are some of the highest quality of the craft, and we hope you enjoy them. Like we always and grey ages like a fine wine, and these pieces are definitely no different.

Since we love old movies and think theres nothing quite like that special glow of black and white on celluloid, of course these black and grey realism tattoos remind us of that particular Hollywood history moment. Especially the James Dean portrait by Youngjin Jung, which is not only incredible in its emotive power, but also its's even more stunning when we found out that it's a cover up tattoo!! You never would have known...and that's the thing about these black and grey realism tattoos...most of these artists are so incredible talented, but they've taken years to hone their mastery and artistry of the machine. You can see it in this gorgeous works of art.

Lasting a lifetime, black and grey realism tattoos are a very specific piece of the tattoo world, and one to be highly respected and admired. Beautiful, and eye catching, we have so many more pieces like these so inspire you, tons of ambassadors who would be able to give you this fantastic quality of work, and shops globally that support craftsmanship of this nature. We hope you can join us on the app and be a part of our community, sharing in what makes tattoo culture so awesome and addictive!

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