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Respite From Stress: Peaceful Nature Tattoos

Respite From Stress: Peaceful Nature Tattoos

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As Spring starts to appear, we celebrate with this collection of beautiful nature tattoos.

It is winter in New York...still. But as the frost begins to melt, and little green sprouts pop up to say hello, we welcome Spring with open arms and await the moment when we can do away with our layers. Say goodbye to pants, jackets, shoes. Embrace the soft wind in our hair, the sand between our toes, the warm glow of sun lightly caressing our face...okay, so obviously you can tell we're totally sick of cold weather. Like, seriously...if it doesn't warm up soon we're going to book a one way plane ticket to Belize and you'll never see us again. But to stave off this non-sensical flight, we've brought together some nature's one way to immerse ourselves in the environment while still getting work done.

Whether animals, landscapes, bursts of flowers, this particular collection of nature tattoos also shows the diversity of what "nature" can really mean...because, let's face it, unless you're trapped in a concrete island like Manhattan, nature is everywhere. And even in Manhattan you can find little pieces of it...Central Park, potted tulips, squirrels and raccoons that may or may not have rabies. The wonders of this lovely planet are everywhere you look!

This weekend we'll make sure to surround ourselves with peace and tranquility in hopes of making it through the last weeks of winter...these nature tattoos certainly help, and perhaps we'll check out the Natural History Museum...not only to escape the cold, but to remind ourselves that animal and plant life will be in our lives for all time to come. Unless the human race uses up all our resources and kills all the animals...but then again, thanks to Elon Musk, we can just go to Mars and start over. Sounds great, right?! Who doesn't love thousands upon thousands of miles of red dirt?

Written byTattoodo

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