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Revel in Sin: Satan Tattoos

Revel in Sin: Satan Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

These Satan tattoos will remind you that being bad can look just oh so good.

You know him, and you've seen him everywhere. You've probably heard his name a thousand times. If you were brought up in the Christian persuasion, then you were probably taught to fear him. Make no mistake about it, these Satan tattoos are an homage to one of the most infamous characters in history. Whether you believe him to be real, or the stuff of magic and legends, it's definitely true that renditions of his face have been made time and time again, and clearly...this is a trend that transcends time and place.

In this collection of Satan tattoos, we brought together some faces of the Devil that you may not have seen before...we've got the evil overlord playing baseball, dressed up as a lovely lady, and even as a sly dapper 1920's gentleman. We have him hanging out with some super hot babes (one tends to get toasty surrounded by the fires of hell) and even a Satan tattoo that shows what it would be like if he were the cutest baby ever. Some Traditional pieces, mixed with some Dark Art illustrative pieces, we hope you think this selection is as inspiring as we though it was...there are just so many ways to the Devil illustrated on your bod, ya know?!

So, if this selection isn't exactly what you were looking for, we hope you head over to our app and check out the insane collection of ink we have on there. For artists, shops, and collectors alike, the app is a community space where people can share the best of the best pieces out there...including this super duper heavy in totality Satan tattoos...if he's real, we feel like he'd be incredibly down with the whole thing...his favorite words are "Hail Satan" after all....he clearly has the Ego that you'd expect on such a legendary ham.

Written byTattoodo

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