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Revisioning Old School: Surreal Traditional Tattoos

Revisioning Old School: Surreal Traditional Tattoos

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This collection of surreal traditional tattoo proves that old dogs can certainly learn new tricks.

With the internet came a new awakening for artists, and many many others. The ease of information transfer, the culture exchanges, the share of imagery and ideas; all of this made it incredibly easy to merge art movements, create new works based on a myriad of different aesthetics. This is perhaps part of why tattoo styles, these days, are vast and encompass every technique and concept that you can think of. It may be part of why new life is being brought to Old School Americana...just check out these surreal Traditional tattoos for an example. They're totally wild!

Tattooists, of course, tend to share styles and skills that work really well...that's part of why Traditional tattoos are so popular, and heal so well. When Americana came to be, the bold lines and hardy pigments made design that were not only easily discernible and recognizable, they would usually end up healing and looking great for years to come. So, when you look at these pieces, in this particular collection, you can still see that these artists are using important guidelines set up by the OG tattooists, like Lyle Tuttle, but you can also see a bunch of different ideas, philosophies, and art movements that are infiltrating their work and leaving their mark.

Some of the surreal Traditional tattoos are definitely harking back to the surrealism that most of us already know and love...Salvador Dali, even Matisse's strange Fauvism and Abstract Expressionism come into play here. But many artists, like Robert Ryan, Chad Koeplinger, and Boxcar, are using imagery and iconography from some of the oldest religions and philosophies known to man. Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism...Henry Hablak often incorporates Medieval and esoteric aesthetics. Using all of these, and more, these tattooist are creating a genre all their own. It's part of why they're so capable of creating special and unique pieces that clients of their will love forever.

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