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Rex Ryan Is in the Market for Another Cover up Tattoo

Rex Ryan Is in the Market for Another Cover up Tattoo

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Once the controversial coach finds himself a new job his infamous tattoo will need a new jersey.

Rex Ryan, the mercurial head coach known more for his fondness for feet and fiery quotes than victories on the field, is once again without a job. The Buffalo Bills couldn't even stomach having Ryan coach the team on the season's finale and cut him loose after Week 16. As many coaches across the NFL lose their jobs there will be great speculation as to where Ryan will land. As far as Tattoodo is concerned we are riveted by one aspect of this drama — what color will Ryan's tattoo become? 

Rex Ryan's beleaguered tattoo. #rexryan #sports #nfl #jets #bills

During his tenure with the New York Jets, Ryan turned heads when he got a tattoo of his wife posed pin-up style while wearing nothing but a Mark Sanchez jersey. It wouldn't be long before Sanchez was no longer the starting quarterback and a short time later Ryan was on his way from NYC to Buffalo. 

Tattooer Ben Verhoek turns the Jets jersey into a Bills jersey... now there's some more work to be done. (Via Wall Street Journal) #rexryan #sports #nfl #jets #bills

Here's the problem facing Ryan's beloved tattoo — it's already been covered up twice, can it be saved a third time? If Ryan wants the jersey to still look good there are a lot of teams that he's going to have to cross off his list. In other words, that jersey is going to have to get darker for it to be salvaged. In our estimation this leaves six teams: Chicago, Oakland, Pittsburgh, Denver, Atlanta or Carolina. Four of those teams are in the playoffs and aren't going to be looking for a coach and while Carolina was disappointing this season, Ron Rivera is probably safe. That leaves Chicago. The dark blue of a Bears jersey would work, and at 3-13 one would be a fool to say that John Fox's job is secure. 

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