Rich, Striking Traditional American Style Tattoos by Jeroen Van Djik

Rich, Striking Traditional American Style Tattoos by Jeroen Van Djik

With his bold tasteful creations, Amsterdam-based tattoo artist Jeroen Van Djik will give you one more reason to head for his beautiful city

Aside from being dubbed as the ‘adult's Disneyland,’ there's one more reason to head for Amsterdam. One of the most beautiful places in Europe, Amsterdam also boasts a very diverse scene and is home to talented tattoo artists. You may remember Jay Freestyle, an alternative tattoo artist from Amsterdam we previously interviewed. 

The tattoo artist we have for today is an underrated trads tattooer whose works beautifully represent the contemporary traditional style. His name is Jeroen Van Dijk, a resident tattoo artist at Salon Serpent Tattoo in Amsterdam. 

Traditional American style tattoo by Jeroen Van Dijk. #JeroenVanDijk #Amsterdam #traditionalamerican #traditional #home

The Traditional American style is a well-loved classic that may never go out of style regardless of how many eras and styles may pass before it. Jeroen is among the tattoo artists who help preserve and develop trads in his own distinct style without losing sense of its origin. He's got quite a tasteful color palette — very rich and bold – and he's got strong shades and outlines, as well. Sometimes, the best thing to do in your tattoo career isn't to create something new  - rather preserve something classic and give some justice to it.

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