Richard Sherman Had Some Choice Words Concerning the NFL and Safety

Richard Sherman Had Some Choice Words Concerning the NFL and Safety

Sherman has never been afraid to speak his mind and he let loose on this YouTube video.

Richard Sherman is one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL right now. He's a Super Bowl champion, a Pro Bowler, and one of the few, legit shutdown corners. 

He also has never been one to mince words about social issues and how he feels the league treats their players.

In his latest release on YouTube, via The Player's Tribune, Sherman spoke about how NFL players can't really trust the league to take care of them and look after their safety.

Sherman certainly raises a lot of good points in this video, and you can the frustration is very real. And for anyone who thinks he's just some "dumb football player" consider the fact that Sherman is a graduate of Stanford University, one of the best colleges in the country, and is currently attempting to earn a master's degree from the school as well.

Oh, he also has some pretty rad tattoos on his arms. One reminding him to stay humble on his left shoulder, along with a lion, and religious-themed cross on his right bicep. So he's smart AND he's got good taste.

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