Rick and Morty Pulled Off the Only Good April Fool’s Stunt

Rick and Morty Pulled Off the Only Good April Fool’s Stunt

Welcome to the new dawn of Szechuan. Existence is pain with these Rick and Morty tattoos

On Saturday night, I got a text that was at once highly confusing, and incredibly exciting. 

“Hey man, are you watching Rick and Morty right now! The season 3 premiere is running on a loop!” 

Since I’m a fully functioning adult male with a robust social circle and a variety of extracurricular obligations, no, I was not randomly tuned into Adult Swim on a Saturday night, but I knew that I had to be. 


I slammed the remainder of the bottle of pinot noir I had been nursing in an overpriced Williamsburg new-American restaurant, hopped on the L-train, and scurried to my apartment where I gleefully tuned in to the much anticipated premiere of what is arguably the greatest animated program ever. 

(Editor’s Note: The entire office blew up at the idea that Rick and Morty has only been on for two seasons and that it’s insane to rank it above The Simpsons, but for that to be an effective argument we would have to pretend that everything after season 9 doesn’t exist.) 

While dropping the much-anticipated new episode was a surprise, it wasn’t much of a shock that the episode was, well, fucking amazing. Season 2 left the Smith-Sanchez clan in disarray with a world enslaved and our favorite mad scientist in prison. The debut episode of the latest season manages to wrap up all of the loose ends in 30 minutes of action-packed, joke-dense, animated mayhem that simply hits all of the right notes. 

Word on the web is that we still have quite a wait until we see Mr. Poopybutthole and the gang again. To hold you over, we wrangled up the best Rick and Morty tattoos we could find on short notice.

If you’re reading this and you’re like “What in the fresh hell is Rick and Morty?”, do yourself a favor and check it out. And remember, existence IS pain. 

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