RIP Jim Marshall. May a Choir of JCM800s Guide You to Valhalla

RIP Jim Marshall. May a Choir of JCM800s Guide You to Valhalla

Marshall amplifiers are one of the most important pieces of musical equipment ever created. Five years later we celebrate his life.

On the fifth anniversary of Jim Marshall's passing, we pay tribute to the man that made the world a much louder place. 

Jim Marshall was a rock and roll god. He may have not been the one on stage, but his influence can be heard on pretty much every guitar-based musical style worth a damn. 

Marshall is one of those iconic brands responsible for so many of the sonic evolutions in music, most notably rock and roll. The fabled Plexi, JMP, and JCM800s are just some of the amps that are responsible for the sonic sensibilities of everyone from Kerry King of Slayer, Pete Townshend of The Who, to Kurt Cobain of Nirvana. There's nary a rock band in the world that hasn't used a Marshall at one point. Sure, there are incredible amps from Fender, Orange, and countless boutiques like Matchless – but a Marshall is a fucking Marshall. It's the lifeblood of rock and roll. 

Look, we're not a music publication. We're not a gear magazine. But rock and roll and tattoos are inextricably linked, and they will be until the end of time. Marshall understood this completely, as can be seen by their highly coveted line of amps inspired by tattoo art.

We salute you, Jim Marshall. In your 88 years on this planet you gave us the gift of rock and roll, and your legacy lives on forever. 

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